New Home and New Stories!

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Well, I’ve done it. I’ve returned to WordPress. It’s been too long!

I have plans for this place. I’ll post updates one to two times a week, sometimes more. Some of the updates will be very short, some will be a bit longer. I hope to share the love with some free shorts and other things, as well. Be watching for those!

And my first news, besides the fact that I’m moving my home on the web to WordPress, is that I have two stories out on Amazon. They’re both short stories–one on the long side, and one a bit shorter.

Love Never Fails - Book Cover - 600h

First up is a Christian romance. It’s part of an anthology called Love Never Fails. You can find it here, and here’s the synopsis for the entire anthology:

Serafine LeClaire is a native of New Orleans, LA and operates a little ranch outside of Houston, TX. Loving Ranch facilitates a series of retreats and workshops for women.

In Love Never Fails, six women share their before, during and after learning the true meaning of love according to 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Six women arrive at Loving Ranch—voluntarily, bribed, courted ordered and even under duress. Each wrestling with love. Each needing to retreat. Each longing to regroup and decide whether they will do it their way or God’s way.

In the end, the women at the Love Never Fails Retreat must decide whether they will take God at His Word…

“…that love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails….”

And here’s the synopsis for my short story, “A Second Chance At Love”:

Nurse Hannah Bergen, has great compassion for her patients. Chance Dodd loves this about her. But in matters of love, will Hannah be able to show herself compassion, let go of her past, and learn to trust again. And will Chance’s enduring patience soften her heart and win her love?


The second story is a short based on some of the characters from my forthcoming Tales of the Red Falcon series. It’s called “War of the Gods,” and you can find it here. Here’s the synopsis:

Ajay Zamada has always lived in his big brother’s shadow. It’s part of the reason he became a pirate, to compete with Captain Sahmi Zamada, the Red Falcon, on his own level. But when stranded on a seemingly deserted tropical island, it’s not his brother he’s competing against, but a sworn enemy in the Arconian military bent on his destruction.

Raffaele Bellizzi is all about honor and patriotism and destroying the scourge troubling Arcona’s waters, but when he finds himself the prisoner of the Red Falcon’s younger brother, he’ll do anything to survive the ordeal, even join forces with the bloodthirsty miscreant.

Together, Zamada and Bellizzi fight an evil power unlike anything either man has ever faced before. Will their combined intelligence and skill put an end to a dangerous entity, or will their hatred and distrust of each other destroy them instead?

I have a third story coming out later this month, and I’ll tell you more about that in a couple of days. For now, I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about these first two stories.

Stay light. Be the light!